When we compete to improve lives


Regional competition

The Enactus Regional Competition within Enactus is a pivotal annual competition in the organization’s calendar. It serves as a platform for Enactus teams hailing from South African Universities within a several regions to showcase their social entrepreneurship projects and the work they have done so far. These teams work on their enterprises to address various social, economic, and environmental challenges in their communities. At the Regional Competition, each team presents the outcomes and impact of their projects to a panel of judges. These presentations delve into project inception, enterprise registration, progress so far, financial sustainability and goals,. Beyond the competitive aspect, the Regional Competition fosters connections among students, faculty advisors, and potential supporters. It serves as a hub for knowledge exchange, enabling participants to share best practices and gain constructive feedback. Highly ranked teams may advance to the National Exposition, which will then determine the National champion team to represent South Africa in the Enactus World Cup Competition, where they can further celebrate their impactful work on a broader stage.

National Exposition

The Enactus National Exposition is a premier annual event that stands as the pinnacle of achievement for Enactus University teams from across South Africa that have advanced from the Enactus Regional Competition. It serves as a culmination of a year’s worth of dedication and hard work by the students. At this grand gathering, Enactus teams present their social entrepreneurship projects to a distinguished panel of judges and a diverse audience. These presentations are comprehensive, analysis of project inception, development, execution, financial sustainability, and, most importantly, the positive impact they’ve generated in their respective communities. Judges at the National Exposition evaluate teams against rigorous criteria, including innovation, sustainability, measurable impact, and the team’s ability to effectively communicate the narrative of their projects. The event not only provides an opportunity for recognition but also serves as a forum for networking and knowledge sharing. It’s a place where like-minded individuals from various institutions can come together to exchange ideas, share best practices, and inspire each other to drive positive change. Moreover, the National Exposition often hosts distinguished guests, influential business leaders, and potential supporters, creating an environment conducive to forming partnerships and securing resources to further fuel social entrepreneurship initiatives. Winning at the National Exposition is a significant achievement, often opening doors to even greater opportunities, such as representing South Africa at the Enactus World Cup, where teams from around the globe gather to showcase their projects and compete for international recognition and Positive Impact. In essence, the Enactus National Exposition is a celebration of innovation, impact, and the power of entrepreneurial action to drive positive change in society.

Enactus World Cup

The Enactus World Cup is a prestigious international event that takes place annually, gathering Enactus teams from around the world to showcase their social entrepreneurship projects and compete for global recognition. In 2023, from October 17th to October 20th, the Enactus World Cup will be hosted in Utrecht, Netherlands. This event not only serves as a competition but also as a platform for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and the formation of international partnerships. During the Enactus World Cup, teams present their projects, emphasizing innovation, sustainability, measurable impact, and effective communication of their initiatives. Winning at this global event is a significant achievement, signifying excellence in social entrepreneurship on a worldwide scale. . It can lead to further opportunities, attract potential supporters, and amplify the positive impact of these projects on a global scale. The Enactus World Cup is a celebration of the power of entrepreneurial action to drive positive change and create a better future for communities and societies worldwide.

Special Competitions

MTN Digital Innovation Challenge

The MTN Digital Innovation Challenge, a collaboration between Enactus and MTN, has been empowering students for over five years to make a lasting impact in the fields of Health, Education, and Farming. This ongoing initiative welcomes new students each year, offering them the opportunity to become a part of a dynamic program that focuses on creating innovative solutions to real-world challenges. Participants harness digital technology to drive change, guided by MTN’s expertise and support. The core objective of this challenge is to inspire entrepreneurship, enabling students to transform their fresh, innovative ideas into sustainable enterprises. These enterprises are designed to bring about significant positive change in the target sectors, fostering economic growth and societal betterment. Join us in this ever-evolving journey, where new minds meet experienced hands to create a brighter and more sustainable future in Health, Education, and Farming.

Harmony Food & Health Security Challenge

In partnership with Harmony, Enactus has been driving positive change in South Africa for years. The Harmony Food and Health Challenge is an ongoing initiative that welcomes new students every year, Enactus teams target accessible communities and conduct in-depth research to understand the state of food security and its underlying challenges. Armed with this knowledge, they ideate and model innovative business solutions. These solutions are then launched as Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) and refined based on user feedback before being introduced into the open market. Teams closely monitor their progress against key performance indicators (KPIs) aligned with food security. The culmination of this challenge involves presenting their projects, sharing annual reports, and presenting at the Special Competition Finals. Similar to the Food Security Challenge, Enactus teams select accessible communities and research health challenges within them. The aim is to uncover the root causes of these health issues. Teams then embark on the journey of ideation and business solution modeling. Their solutions are launched as MVPs, refined through user feedback, and introduced into the open market. Teams measure their progress based on KPIs aligned with health access and security. Just like the Food Security Challenge, the Health Security Challenge concludes with project presentations, annual reports, and presentations at the Special Competition Finals. Both challenges serve a common purpose: to empower new generations of students to make a tangible impact in their communities. By addressing food security and healthcare access, these teams contribute to a brighter and more sustainable future. The Harmony Food and Health Challenge is a testament to the ongoing commitment of Harmony and Enactus to drive positive change and create resilient, healthier communities in South Africa year after year.

Ford Community College Challenge

Enactus is proud to continue our ongoing partnership with the Ford Fund in 2023 through Cycle 10. This collaboration extends a valuable opportunity to Enactus teams in Australia, Brazil, Germany, Mexico, Puerto Rico, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. The Ford C3 Building Sustainable Communities Project Partnership, established by the Ford Motor Company Fund and Enactus, originally launched in 2014–2015. C3 is an extension of Ford’s Ford College Community Challenge (Ford C3) in the United States. As a global sponsor, Ford Fund’s signature program, Ford College Community Challenge, is a global grant competition that empowers university and college students to lead change in their communities. This initiative focuses on advancing innovative, student-led projects addressing pressing local needs within the overarching theme of “building sustainable communities.” Enactus, in collaboration with global sponsor Ford Motor Company Fund, mobilizes Enactus teams, encouraging them to employ entrepreneurial action to find innovative solutions for urgent, unmet social needs or problems within their local communities. This approach empowers communities to transform into more sustainable, thriving places to work and live. Enactus teams are challenged to design and implement programs and initiatives addressing critical community needs in innovative ways. The focus is squarely on assisting the community in becoming a more sustainable place to work and live. It’s essential to note that the term “Sustainable Communities” encompasses not only environmental concerns but also the creation of healthy, livable communities poised to thrive in a global economy. Through the Ford C3 initiative, Enactus and global sponsor Ford Motor Company Fund are committed to fostering innovation and driving positive change in communities across the globe.