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Vermi Village,

A project crafted by the Enactus Central University of Technology, the Two-Time Enactus National Exposition Winners

The VermiVillage project by Enactus Central University of Technology is a pioneering initiative dedicated to fostering sustainable solutions within communities. Through innovative vermiculture practices, this project aims to transform organic waste into high-quality compost, providing a dual benefit of waste reduction and soil enrichment. By engaging local community members in vermiculture training and entrepreneurship, VermiVillage not only addresses environmental concerns but also empowers individuals with valuable skills and economic opportunities. This impactful endeavor stands as a testament to the commitment of Enactus Central University of Technology towards creating lasting positive change

Hops and Greens

A project crafted by the Enactus Tsolo Agriculture & Rural Development Institute, a new team that joined Enactus in the 2023-2024 program year.

Hops and Greens aims to combat poverty and food insecurity in Tsolo by introducing rabbit farming and organic vegetable cultivation. Rabbit farming provides an alternative protein source, while rabbit manure enhances soil fertility for vegetable growth. The project sells organic produce and rabbits to the community and trains members to become breeders and suppliers, creating employment and generating income.
Financially, the project spent R41,100 on feed, R11,500 on start-up rabbits, and R11,300 on cages. New rabbit farmers received young rabbits (2-3 months old) to start their breeding operations, addressing food security and unemployment. In terms of sales, 13 customers bought rabbits for various purposes, 20 were slaughtered for university research, 2 were purchased as pets, and 20 were bought for breeding.
Hops and Greens integrates sustainable agriculture with community empowerment, providing reliable protein, improving soil fertility, and creating local employment and income opportunities.

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